Kate Beckinsale

Recently, Kate Beckinsale appeared on the streets of New York. In the middle of the night, she wore all the black and low-key elegance, and the mysterious fresh meat was close to the new love.

Kate Beckinsale, the heroine of the film "Pearl Harbor", began to appear in the "Dark Legends" series in 2003, and later the suspense movie "Hell Hospital" is also a best. Today, Xue Yu recommended Kate Beckinsale's "Dark Legends" series. The Legend of the Night tells the story between a vampire and a werewolf and describes a dark world full of violence. In the movie, Kate Beckinsale is wearing a leather coat, which is particularly sexy. The leather coat perfectly outlines the body lines of Kate Beckinsale. In the "Dream of the Night" series of films, Kate Beckinsale has attracted a large number of vampires' favorite powders with its cool, sexy image and perfect movement. The beautiful vampire she plays will definitely make your eyes shine. The "Dark Legends" series of movies have some chicken ribs in the narrative of the story. The story has no special features. It is a story of traditional vampires fighting with werewolves. However, the special effects of the film are good, plus Kate Beckinsale sexy. The facial features of the Charm are also very good choices for killing time as a popcorn movie. Movie viewers generally like vampires. Whether it is a ferocious beast or a romantic love interest, vampires have a long history of success in the film industry. Although the werewolf has become an iconic monster, it is generally not very successful overall, at least in terms of box office glory. In 2003, Screen Gems and director Len Wiseman thought it would be a good idea to combine two night action objects into one movie, including a dynamic underworld. Despite being welcomed by critics, Underworld's monster mix is ​​a huge blow to the audience, with global revenues of nearly $100 million and a budget of only $22 million. The film also promoted the star Beckinsale to the Hollywood first-line list, so it is no surprise that she chose to return to Underworld: Evolution in 2006, which is more profitable than the original. Beckinsale’s prequel to the 2009 “Underworld: The Rise of the Werewolf” has led to a sharp drop in fan interest. She returned to Underworld: Awakening in 2012, and it is easy to become the highest box office in the series. Sadly, the audience did not care about the underworld of 2017: bloody battles, which is the lowest box office income. Since the release of the bloody war in January 2017, people have not heard of another underworld movie, but it turns out that even if the producer wants to make another movie, their star is not willing to come back. In an interview with Variety recently, Beckinsale was asked if she would participate in another Selene adventure, and she was not confused about her intention not to do so. "I won't come back, I have done enough." Although Beckinsale did not elaborate on why she didn't want to return to more underworld movies, it seemed clear that she was just tired of playing Selene and felt that she had completed all the roles she needed. There are certainly many stubborn triad fans who disagree, but Beckinsale doesn't seem to leave room for doubt about her declaration. Maybe if Sony - the owner of the screen gem - who supports the currency truck she will change her mind, but considering how bad the bloody war is, it's hard to imagine why. Perhaps another reason Beckinsale is reluctant to make more triad movies is that she divorced Wiseman in 2016, who married after the first film collaboration. When the couple broke up, the bloody battle was completed, and Wiseman still directed Underworld as the franchisor and producer of the franchise.

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