Khloe Kardashian

If your other half is derailed during pregnancy, would you choose to leave or forgive? Leaving will hurt your child and let the child lose a complete family. Forgive him, he may make a comeback. The third sister of Kardashian’s family, Khloe Kardashian, is facing such a dilemma: in May last year, when she was about to give birth, her husband Tristan was caught playing with a woman on Instagram, and the woman also took Tristan. The phone recorded the video, and she was wearing the same shoes as Kohler. This incident undoubtedly made the women of Kardashian feel angry. They joined forces to put pressure on Tristan and told Tristan that he must correct his attitude, otherwise his life, his career, his family would Finished. Tristan was also scared and honestly for a long time. However, things have not passed for a year, and a wave of unrest has started. According to foreign media Hollywood life reports, the matter stems from this year's Valentine's Day, foreign media reporters photographed Tristan appearing late at night, his wife Kohler is not around. Some people speculated that the two were not in harmony. In the following days, witnesses broke the news to the media: Tristan and a woman secretly "played" at the party. They thought it was good, but they were still found. If Tristan steals is bad news, then the worse news is that this third party, Jordin Woods, is a good girlfriend of Kardashian’s little sister, and he can’t kiss him anymore! When the problem was revealed, Khloe Kardashian was so angry that she was crying at home, and all the women in the house were crying because she didn’t know what to do. This time the problem is more difficult to deal with than the last time. One of the reasons is because Jordin used to be a part of the Kardashian family, but she betrayed them. What a shame? After the incident broke out, Jordin tried to call Kelly for forgiveness, but no one was willing to pick up her phone. In addition, Tristan is already a "second palace", and Kohler and his next marriage relationship may have to go over the game. However, I have to say that the woman of Kardashian’s family is still very strong. After the person turned over for a day, the next day they wiped their tears and cleaned up and began to participate in various activities. One Twitter account sent a tweet saying: "Someone betrayed you, can you go out the next day?" The subtext is what everyone understands. The second sister, Kim Kardashian, directly forwarded the push and responded: “A single mother is working hard to earn money, or is she waiting for someone else to pay the maintenance bill at home?” The marriage between Kohler and Tristan has not officially ended. However, the single mother of Kim Kardashian has been basically adjusted this time. Kohler said after the incident that he was very painful because he was hurt by the closest person. As the saying goes, once infidelity, 100 times no need. Kohler has forgiven Tristan once, and he did not expect him to hurt himself with his good friends. Regardless, Kohler gave up Tristan is the best choice.

Khloe Kardashian was separated from him by Thompson for nearly a year. It is reported that this year's Valentine's Day was separated. Obviously, the scandal made Kardashian unable to forgive him completely. Many insiders told reporters that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson (TT) are now in full separation, and she is very happy to be a single mother now. According to an internal family member: "They are over, this is a good thing, Kohler is looking for the next object, and Thompson is not worth having her (he doesn’t deserve her.)." The relationship between the two began to deteriorate. At the beginning of this year, Khloe Kardashian thought that he was once again unfaithful to her. An insider said: "Kheller suspected that Thompson cheated her while on vacation in the field, and she was alone in Los Angeles. ” Although Valentine's Day did not go with the child's father, her friends and family gave her a lot of flowers and gifts, which allowed her to ignore Valentine's Day without Thompson. After Valentine's Day, she posted a message on the social network: "Scream for every woman who has a secret that cannot be said, sometimes God will break your heart in order to save your soul. Shout out to every woman who is trying to heal from Things they can't talk about, Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul." This passage clearly shows that she suffered tremendous pain in her relationship with Thompson. However, the insider revealed that she has come out, although they are not divorced now, but their relationship can not go back.

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