Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, as the superstar of the Emperor, has a crazy love for countless female audiences, but he is very ashamed. Do you want to know who his first love girlfriend is? His brothers like the fans of the female fans, and as the soul of the band, he is favored by the fans, but he despise the behavior of the brothers? What is going on here? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to everyone! After the children's band became more and more popular, his father Joseph and the "Jackson Brothers" band moved to Hollywood, and they spent the day and night in the studio. In October 1969, "I hope you come back" was officially released. The starting scores were ordinary, and the first time on the list was only ranked 90th in the 100 songs of the bulletin board. However, with the hard work of the company's propaganda team, it finally climbed to the top of the list. The band had the first top song in the United States, and it was popular elsewhere, rising to the runner-up in the UK. The song sold sixty million copies worldwide. Michael Jackson is becoming more and more prominent in the band, and the company is almost tempted to give them a new name. Berry (small editorial: Gaudi, founder of Motown) and Dyke (small editor: famous writer, who wrote many songs for Michael Jackson) once wondered if they would call them " 'Jackson Five Brothers' and Michael Jackson. A similar situation has reappeared. When they first went on national television programs, Diana Ross’s presentation focused on only one member. "Tonight, I am honored to introduce a young star to you. He was born and entered the industry. He performed with the whole family, singing and dancing can make the stage brilliant." Next, she introduced, " This is Michael Jackson and the 'Jackson Five Brothers!'" Joseph's act of introducing Rose to a separate child was raging, but Ross, who was living with Michael Jackson at the time, had no regrets. As the popularity of the band continues to increase, several of the Jackson brothers are happy to enjoy the pulse of women's vote, including the father Joseph is no exception, he also likes to pick the "skin skin" for fun. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, has made him resentful. Not only does he not go to bed with fans, but he also reminds them not to sleep with his "family" brothers. Once, Michael Jackson met a female fan who had just come out of Jackie's room. He was shocked to find that the other party was so devoted to his dedication. "Why are you doing this?" He was both disgusted and confused. In the autobiography of Michael Jackson and later television interviews, his first girlfriend was declared to be the daughter of Tatum O'Neill, Ryan O'Neill (born in 1940, a famous American actor), an actor. He said that O'Neill is actively "sticking up". However, O'Neill said that she had never had a relationship with Michael, and only kissed it once in 1982. O'Neill told the reporter of "The Mirror": "He is a superstar, but he has never dated anyone else. He knows very little about the life of a normal person. He used to come to my residence and asked if I could go upstairs because he still Not in the girl's bedroom. He sat on the bed, we kissed, but it was only a moment, and his movements were very clumsy."

Michael Jackson is really a very good person, a very decent person. What a person sees, hears, and reads in the media is not necessarily true; he is also very shy when he is with someone he likes. He speaks very quietly, unless there is anything that makes him angry or nervous, then he will use the middle tone, which sounds very confident, he pays attention to his own language, and rarely swears. Michael Jackson appreciates educated, educated, talkative, courteous women. He does not tolerate women drinking, smoking or taking illegal drugs. They must also have good personal hygiene and his sense of smell is very sensitive. He has one of the most beautiful little faces, big and dark, warm and bright. When he looks at this person, they are immediately taken to a hot, moonlit tropical beach. His natural eyelashes are long and thick. He didn't need to be fake, but at the end of 1991 he became popular with fakes. He didn't always bring them. His skin is soft and smooth, his hands are large, his palms are like mats, and his lips are big. When he was young, his skin was still black. In his daily work, he only made a little bit of eye makeup, sometimes applying a little lipstick. The pale appearance of the photos and film comes from a thick stage makeup. When he started to grow old from around 33 years old, he would not go out without makeup. Without it, he looks a little vitiligo spots and acne scars. Still, he is still very attractive, but he does not want to be treated like this in the media. Some parts of his body have brown patches that migrate and change size and shape. He always has a bodybuilding body and a strong core. He hid it under loose clothes. He is tall and his shoulders wide. He always stooped, which made him look 2 inches shorter. He also has several vertebral arthritis of the lower back, so the spine is slightly twisted to the left. This also leads to a shorter height than the actual height. Standing for a long time made him feel tired and caused him to have lower abdominal pain. He started to lose weight in 2003. He never got it back. No one can convince him to eat. He occasionally asks for certain types of food, but it is junk food and he does not get nutrition. He always has a beautiful, clean and fresh body. He has a fresh breath, a beautiful smile is real and natural, and he is meticulous in personal hygiene. He uses perfume. He is sensitive, proud and mysterious. He was inconsistent when he talked to someone he thought would sell him to the media or write about his book. He will say one thing to one person and another thing to another. That's why you'll find that when you read all the junk books you've published, all the so-called "friends" and "biographical writers" tend to contradict each other. I even saw a question on this forum and asked why everyone seems to have a different opinion about Michael. This is the reason. A person who knows the truth will never write a book about him or sell him to the media. When he was young, he didn't care about the media at all. At about 33, he began to get upset. No one can convince him to ignore the media and take it easy. He is affectionate, considerate, generous and supports me. He likes to chat. If he likes this person and trusts them, he will keep in touch with them. He kept them tight. When they are not there, he will send them gifts and letters. He only trusts three people. The topic of the conversation is very broad. He is interested in many subjects. It's hard to find people like Michael talking. He has a lot of reading. He reads very fast, so he can pull out a lot of reading materials. He really works every day, I don't know who else is like him. When people talk about Michael, they mean his immaturity, and the way he and the children run in the dream manor, as if he are as big as the children. This is the eternal image of Michael in people's hearts. In fact, when he first knew that he was going to be a father, he would not do that anymore. He changed. Therefore, this phase, which began at the end of 1991, helped him to free his inner child from his system and prepare for his parents.

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